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Contributed Paper Instructions

Deadline for New Submissions: Thursday, April 15, 2021 11pm est

Publication Options

Revised versions of the Plenary papers are expected to be published in a special issue of IAAE's Agricultural Economics edited by the President Elect.

All papers accepted for ICAE 2021 will be made available through AgEconSearch for ease of access and to encourage citations. This type of preprint is not a publication and so should allow publication in other outlets, including Agricultural Economics. If issued as Working Papers in NBER or the World Bank, or discussion papers in IFPRI they are a step towards publication in peer-reviewed journals.

All contributed papers will be subject to a double-blind review

Successful papers will be streamed into the oral or visual (poster) sessions by the review committee and Program Organizer.

Organized Symposium Instructions

Deadline for New Submissions: Thursday, April 15, 2021 11pm est

Proposals must include:

Organized Symposia proposals can be from all fields of agricultural economics and related disciplines. They should focus on a specific theme and be of interest to a broader academic or policy audience. The 90-minute sessions typically feature three to four short presentations on various aspects of the chosen theme, followed by comments from one or two assigned discussants and open discussion involving the audience. Variations of this format are possible, such as moderated panel discussions on a specific theme with short inputs from the panelists, but in any case, sufficient time should be reserved for open discussion with the audience.

Innovative themes and proposals that look at important academic and policy issues from new angles are particularly welcome. Proposals involving diverse groups of presenters and participants will be favored in the selection process. No individual will be allowed to participate as organizer and/or presenter in more than two Organized Symposia. All presenters listed in the proposal must have agreed to be included prior to submission.

Please note that inclusion of an Organized Symposium into the Conference Program will be contingent on all listed presenters/discussants/chairs being registered for ICAE 2021 by 15 June 2021.